Oscars: The Last Word

As you can imagine, we had a lot to say about the Oscars this year… and no, it isn’t ALL about the slap (but how could we not go there?). This bonus Oscar pod covers it all: from the truly bizarre choices (that set? anyone?), to the equally baffling musical numbers (BeyoncĂ©, we still love you but we need to talk), and even the fashions (we see you TimothĂ©e). Oh we mention the awards too — promise! Like Gaga said to Liza, we got you. Check it out below:

Oscar Countdown!

In what has felt like the longest Awards season EVER, the Oscars are just ONE WEEK AWAY!

Hang on!

The Chair has predictions… The Chair has potential upsets… The Chair has OPINIONS! And it’ll all be revealed in this week’s Notes from a Chair podcast. The Chair, with Holly and our special guest, will break down Hollywood’s biggest night from awards seen and unseen. Who will grab the industry’s biggest prize (and who will look the best doing it)? Will it be Jessica and Will for Hollywood’s homecoming king and queen? Has anyone really watched The Eyes of Tammy Faye? Does it even matter? Will Coda take a bite out of Power of the Dog? How many more puns do you think we have left (hint: a lot more)? Stay tuned for our mid-week podcast on all things 94th Oscars…

Till then…