The Chair’s leisure time this week was about as scarce as baby formula in a big city… (too soon?!). The piles of student scripts keep multiplying… and like Lucy and Ethel, it’s been hard to keep up.

But fear not, he will be dug out and rested by next week as long as he doesn’t glance at his retirement savings (no chance of that), attempt to fill up his gas tank a second time in that time period (REALLY no chance of that), or find out that he’s impregnated anyone and will find himself responsible for feeding an infant (ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE of that.  AT ALL).

Real David Rose energy this week

While you wait for a new take from the Chair, listen to the new Harry Styles album, watch some of Kate McKinnon’s best sketches on SNL (we’ll miss you Kate!), or curl up and let Taylor Swift’s NYU commencement address inspire you to again start “feeling 22.


The Chair is taking the week off — for reasons, believe it or not, not to do with the impending end of our civilization (though, maybe everything is interconnected? More on that at another time).

That being said, we couldn’t let this week go past without properly celebrating the Chair for another amazing Notes-related accomplishment. Mr. Chair has received the Journalism Faculty Writing Award from the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College for none other than two posts for this very blog! Here’s the announcement:

Definitely Kidman clap worthy!

If you’d like to read these award-winning posts, here they are for you to enjoy again:

A Creative Life

In Memoriam (“Now You Know”)

The Chair will be back next week with more award-winning material! Send him a well deserved congrats in the comments, or on twitter @notesfromachair. And don’t forget the good doctor while you’re at it! Congrats to Stephen Tropiano for his stellar work as well!

Kool & The Gang – “Celebration”