1. Opinionist; screenwriter; former Variety reporter and critic; writing teacher; mentor; and well-known L.A. communications school program chair.

2. Top ten list lover; gay man living in Los Angeles; news story chaser; partner; occasional activist.

3. Sometime snappy dresser; L.A. by way of N.Y.; Mad Men, Paul Thomas Anderson The Voice; and Amy Winehouse enthusiast.

4. Unabashed liberal but unapologetically inclusive.

5. Take a seat, you’ll love the view from my Chair.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Love this – Audrey Lipschutz’s , Freshman at IC, sister is Melissa River’s Publicist in LA. Please let me know if you want or need another connection!

    • Thanks Kathy – and welcome to IC! So happy you responded to the post. I am always happy to connect with anyone and feel free to send the post to anyone you like. Joan was quite special, as everyone knows. And also a truly lovely person.

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