“I Don’t Know Where to Look:” The Emmys Podcast

As promised, this week we posted our (now) annual Emmys podcast. From the disastrous opening number, to a host of bizarre choices (we’re looking at you, Pete) we cover it all!  Tune in for our favorite moments (Sheryl Lee!), best looks (Jean! Jean! Jean!), and some surprising hot takes (is White Lotus is as good as it thinks it is? hint: maybe not?). It’s a feast for your ears, with what some might call spicy hot tea (OK, that’s just what we called it, but cmon you are intrigued).

Listen to it wherever you get your favorite podcasts, or follow this link ever so conveniently posted here:


Oscars: The Last Word

As you can imagine, we had a lot to say about the Oscars this year… and no, it isn’t ALL about the slap (but how could we not go there?). This bonus Oscar pod covers it all: from the truly bizarre choices (that set? anyone?), to the equally baffling musical numbers (Beyoncé, we still love you but we need to talk), and even the fashions (we see you Timothée). Oh we mention the awards too — promise! Like Gaga said to Liza, we got you. Check it out below: