And The Nominees Are…

With the news that Tracee Ellis Ross and absolute internet delight Leslie Jordan are reading the Oscar nominees on Tuesday… well, we’re psyched (and so is Mr. Jordan!)

Since they’ll be much to say once those (perfectly pronounced) names are read, The Chair is holding any further comment until we can assess all the snubs, surprises, and snoozes (you know they’ll be some). Stay tuned for a new podcast tackling all things Oscar nominations — coming THIS week! In the meantime, to prepare of course, check out the most recent episode of Pod from a Chair where we breakdown our nomination predictions (Will! Nicole! LMM! and Ben?!?). Till then…

Episode 18: Playing it Safe: The 2023 Grammys Pod From A Chair

Did you really think we'd let an awards show go by without talking about it?! This time, the Chair is joined by very special guest (and friend of the pod) Dion Rabouin, as we dig deep into the 2023 Grammys!  The Chair and Dion break down the biggest awards of the night and talk about what should  have won (Renaissance… or maybe not?). Be prepared for some truly "unholy" takes (we see you Madonna). The Oscars even enters the conversation (duh). All this and more! 
  1. Episode 18: Playing it Safe: The 2023 Grammys
  2. Episode 17: Everything Everywhere All the Noms
  3. Episode 16: The Gratitude Ep
  4. Episode 15: I Don't Know Where to Look: The 2022 Emmys
  5. Episode 14: Summer Must List 2.0

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