As each week in 2022 so far seems to raise a different answer to that age-old question first posed by mid-century humorist Dorothy Parker – what fresh hell is this? – why don’t we just speak about this year’s pending Oscar nominations announcement on Feb. 8?


You know you want to.

Unless you’d rather talk about Ukraine?

I didn’t think so.

That is why this week we are bringing back:


Join the Chair and Holly for the first ina series of all-things-Oscar pods where we unpack 2021’s inevitable award grabbers, or at least nominees.  

The actual awards aren’t being given out until March 27th so we have a lot of content time.  

And we have a lot of nominees. 

Bring it on!

This year the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has deemed there can be no LESS than TEN best picture nominations.  They say it’s the pandemic but we say it’s more that we live in an age where –


But more of that on the podcast, along with the Chair’s love for Andrew Garfield’s performance in Tick, Tick…Boom!  And the relentless overpraise for the film…

How could you not love this face?

Well, you’ll see.  Or hear.

Grab a Chair, I mean chair, have a listen and please inform us of how right and wrong we were on the afternoon of Feb. 8th.

Until then —

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