The Chair’s Full Emmy Liveblog!

Below is a copy of the Chair’s Emmy liveblog (for those of you who weren’t religiously following along, wink).

If we’re keeping score, looks like the Chair went 6 for 13 in his Emmy predictions, which as you know, is infinitely better than Mad Men’s 0 for 17 (did we mention, ouch??). Relive moment by moment (Jon Hamm references!) right now:

2 thoughts on “The Chair’s Full Emmy Liveblog!

  1. What’s wrong with Modern Family?

    • Obviously nothing — look how well they’re doing! I guess I just don’t relate to it at all personally. I didnt grow up in a family remotely like any of the ones presented and the style for me is too over the top to be remotely real (even in pushed reality) but not over the top enough (as in Amer Horror Story or Nip/Tuck for me to be entertained and want to commit to it). I also find the “Cam” character to be a particularly unbearable stereotype – and yes, I know all the characters are somewhat stereotypical but somehow it doesn’t feel like he has even an iota of believability like the rest of them do.

      And this isn’t their (MF’s) fault but the show feels overpraised in comparison to a lot of shows now on the air (Parks and Rec, Louis CK, etc). And a bit…grand? It is very well executed but, in the end, just not for me.

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