Jump into your Oscar Pool

The Oscars are upon us and please, we KNOW you will be watching.  The real question is – do you need help picking the winners in the Oscar pool???

I see…. lots of rich people

It might very well be an Everything Everywhere All At Once sweep (Note:  Or it might not be).  But there could also easily be a few BIG surprises in a few of the MAJOR categories.  (Note:  The vanquishing of Lydia Tár, FINALLY, anyone?).

Gurl Bye

Here’s what we, and our favorite Academy member voter, have to say about all of it.  Listen and THEN fill out your ballot.  Who will win, who should win, who definitely could-maybe-perhaps-win and what for sure has no f’n chance of getting up on that god d*mn stage unless it is a total upset and the bullsh*t of all that undeserved hype prevails.  At which point the Chair rips his not yet entirely paid for oversized flat screen off the wall and throws it out the window.

I’m looking at you Top Gun for screenplay

We’re here for EVERYTHING.  Not to mention predictions on who, or whom, will be anointed to hand out the final award for best picture.

Notes from an Oscar Pod

The Oscars are on Sunday and if the world doesn’t end by then we will be watching…and most likely, so will you.  Because….


Yes, this is what the entertainment industry is all about.

Of course, the 94th annual Academy Awards are about more than that.  They are about excellence in film, they are about reflecting our culture and they are all about…


Pretty much this exactly

Perhaps this is why eight of the awards usually presented live on the international broadcast on ABC will be handed out in an untelevised ceremony right before the show begins and then be inserted in pre-recorded snippets during the real show.

But never mind that – both Beyoncé and Billie Eilish will be among those singing their entire nominated songs LIVE!  Not to mention… Reba McEntire!!!


As the editors, production designers, hair/makeup, short filmmakers, sound and music score nominees listen from their pre-recorded cheap seats.

Do you think we have opinions???

Then join us for a new episode of Pod From A Chair with our special guest, longtime screenwriter and Oscar voter Barry Sandler.  Barry will share with us who he voted for this year and the reasons behind his choices as The Chair and Holly weigh in with their thoughts, picks and, um….thoughts.

While The Power of the Dog and Coda battle it out to the very end and try to avoid an upset from Drive My Car.

No, it’s not a horse race.

 And it’s an honor just to be nominated.

(Note: Oh, of course it is!).