Oscar Talk: Podcast Preview

The Oscar nominations will be announced Tuesday morning and The Chair and Holly will be waking up early to devour it all for you so they can report in on a new POD FROM A CHAIR episode on Wednesday.

Yes, every year we say we care less and less yet every year we seem to devote more and more time to speaking about it. 

Why??  Because we are shameless and need a break from….everything.

Preferably everywhere, all at once

Among moments to listen for:

– The Chair’s voice shrieking over Top Gun: Maverick getting a best picture nomination.

– Holly and The Chair arguing back and forth about all the love for The Fabelmans

Oh and we’ll argue about her too, don’t worry

– Questions about who has really managed to sit through all 36 hours of Avatar: The Way of the Water

– Information on how it is that All Quiet on the Western Front has suddenly emerged as the dark horse of Academy Awards season

We will also try to work something in about Jennifer Coolidge because what’s an awards list without her?

Never forget the bug

Meanwhile, if you are also obsessed with escapism here are the many ways you can live stream or tune in to watch Oscar nominee Riz Ahmed and M3GAN star Alison Williams reveal this year’s Academy choices to the world.

Predictions:  Everything Everywhere All At Once will lead the pack and, no, digital Tom Cruise will NOT get a best actor nod.

Stay tuned.

The Beatles – “It Won’t Be Long”


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