Me Too


Ever have that moment when you realize you have about 20 tabs open in your internet browser? And you can’t quite remember why they are all open – I mean, you can’t be paying attention to all of them… can you? Well that’s the Chair this week. And instead of 20 tabs open, let’s make it 100.


That being said, the Chair is taking time to give his undivided attention to the scripts of his many, many students — giving detailed notes on all of their original screenplays and tv pilots (haven’t quite figured out that automatic download to the brain, but more on that later).

But fear not, the Chair will be back next week where he will have a lot to say — just not about script notes, because well, he’ll be spent on that score. In the meantime, pump up the volume and listen to this new jam from Meghan Trainor — a pop diva in the making (or perhaps already made?) — who made headlines this week for standing up to body-shaming photoshoppers who dared to mess around with her waistline in this upbeat, self-confident anthem (irony much?).

Till next week….

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