Under the Tuscan Sun

The Chair’s journey continues as he takes a seat in Tuscany.

No, I'm not in this.

Not the chair.

First stop… Florence!

Is this real?

Is this real?

Pictures of the sights are exciting, but let’s be honest… we want to see the food.

Never enough vino!

Never enough vino!



.. and now i'm in a carb coma

.. and now i’m in a carb coma

But we all really know what the Chair is doing while he’s in Italy… watching the Eurovision Song Contest!

Conchita Wurst foreverrrr

Conchita Wurst foreverrrr

That’s right, The Chair went all the way to Italy to root for an Austrian bearded drag persona (and creation of 25-year-old Thomas Neuwirth). And guess what… Conchita totally nailed it.  

As if the Chair would fall behind on his pop culture!

Next week – highlights from Venice, and more mouth-watering, jealousy-inducing pics!  #TheChairMayNeverComeHome


One thought on “Under the Tuscan Sun

  1. You are going to be incorrigible, insatiable and total EUrotrash! You will never cook the same and, you’d better NOT be growing your hair shoulder length, growing a beard, having “a friend” design a gown and begging Bobbie Brown to do your makeup!!!! Chow, bello!!

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