Roe Your Vote

No new post today — instead a gentle reminder: Tuesday is Election Day… so GO OUT THERE AND VOTE. Vote early if you can! Vote, Vote, Vote! Maybe this little ditty will help:

Need more info? Follow any one of these links below. Every election is important… ok but this one especially. VOTE!

Summer Rejuvenation Weekend

It’s all A LOT.

Everyone is saying in different ways.

The continuing pandemic (Note: Please wear a mask!).

The Jan. 6th hearings. (Note: The best show on TV, but still…)

The SCOTUS crazy repeal of Roe v. Wade, making the body of every woman in America property of the state. (Note:  F them and California welcomes you.  We are now exploring floating women’s health clinics offshore, which will be exempt from any impending Draconian legislation).

But at least it’s still California!

That’s not a complete list so add to it where you see fit. 

And then, for a day, PUT IT AWAY.

And listen to Lizzo’s new summer anthem – Everybody’s Gay.

No, we’re not trying to indoctrinate you. 

And it’s not even June!

Instead, it’s a disco throwback (Note: Without the baggage of disco) that musically tells you it’s okay to take a day (or night!) off and party WITHOUT JUDGEMENT.

We are all the same, we all need a break and we can all be thematically QUEER for a night.


Lizzo – “Everybody’s Gay”