What a Week

Strange things are happening.. and it’s not just because it’s spooky season.

Now playing on a continuous loop until November 1st

L.A. had a rare thunderstorm this week, Kim Kardashian West hosted SNL, Diana the Musical exists (with a sassy gay AIDS patient and all), William Shatner is actually going to space, and Netflix’s Korean Hunger Games on steroids Squid Game is the most watched show of all time. It’s a lot to process for the Chair… and perhaps its time to sit back and give it a week to sink in. Did we also mention that Matthew McConaughey had to announce that he wasn’t running for Governor of Texas?

Nothing to see here

The Chair will be back next week to unpack the equally topsy turvy week we are sure to have. It can’t possibly get stranger right?

… or maybe I spoke too soon?

Justin Bieber – Ghost