Ten Years and Counting

Happy Anniversary to Us

Happy Anniversary to Us

Happy Anniversary, Dear……

Okay, I won’t sing even though it’s the creative talent I would most want to have that I do not at all have.

However, it seems that I do have some talents. 

The one that most quickly come to mind here is a talent for writing and discipline (Note: No, not THAT kind) in service of expressing my opinions. 

It’s been a busy 10 years!

This is borne out by the fact that today, Sunday Jan. 10, 2021, is the actual TENTH ANNIVERSARY of notesfromachair!

That’s right, today we are officially

10 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Confetti time!

This means that for a full decade there has almost always been a weekly post (Note: And sometimes more) on this site. That’s not only a ton of words and images but it’s a helluva lot of, well….


Of course, it’s been a lot more than that.  Hopefully it’s also been a source of amusement, information, and commiseration as well as even provoking a few thoughts along the way.

First post ever!

That’s why at the suggestion of Holly Van Buren, the superb executive editor of all things NOTES (Note: As well as the brilliant writer of all those crazy captions) we are expanding what we do with the monthly addition of


Yup, this will be a monthly podcast where Holly, myself and various guests will join us in talking about pop culture, social issues, current events, top 10 lists, life lessons and various other pertinent and impertinent musings about what’s going on in the world.

And speaking of the world…do we have to this week???

This week? You must be talking about these guys right? #IWISH

Well, yeah, we do because that’s how we make sense of things, right?  We talk, we read, we discuss, we bitch and moan and then we retreat into our caves (Note:  Though, really, who’s truly left their cave recently?) and consider how to proceed.

That’s what The Chair and Holly have tried to help with weekly for the last 10 years and that’s what we hope to continue to do with our POD.   

As well as addressing all of the above, also consider this episode to be a bit of an origin story of how we got started, why we do what we do and why we continue to solider on.

Yes Leo, we’ll take the champagne!

Oh, and for old time’s sake, here is a link to the very first notes blog, aptly entitled TO HISS OR NOT TO HISS.  It addresses the very subject we are all STILL dealing with today – exactly what are the best ways for us all to settle our differences in…opinions.


Please share your thoughts, nee opinions, on all of it.

More importantly, stay safe….

Celine Dion – “A New Day Has Come”