Support the WGA!

In lieu of a traditional post this week, The Chair will be cooking up some ideas for clever picket line signs (see some inspiration below) and spending his time educating folks about the just-begun Writers Guild Strike. Here’s an invaluable resource that succinctly explains all you need to know about the strike:

Click the picture for more info!

Ask yourself — how can eight Hollywood CEOs make three-quarters of a BILLION dollars annually (in salary alone) but want to cut costs on the backs of writers, many of whom can’t afford rent in L.A?

Old. White. Men

Egregious to say the very least. So the WGA is on strike and the picket lines are filled with the best creative minds in the biz — which means many, many clever signs. Here are a few faves, feel free to share more! And most importantly — SUPPORT WRITERS!

Sorry for the spoiler

Till next week…

Pete Seeger – “Solidarity Forever”


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