Melting Chair

You may have heard that California (and the west coast in general) is experiencing another record setting heat wave. On Friday, Death Valley’s appropriately named Furnace Creek reached a high of 130 degrees Fahrenheit… you know, just 4 degrees shy of THE HOTTEST MEASURED TEMPERATURE ON EARTH.

Palm Springs is 120 in the shade, Vegas hit 117, and the Chair’s air conditioning decided to throw in the towel (I blame the climate change deniers).

Nothing wrong with this picture.

The Chair’s gonna cool off this week (fingers crossed for merciful a/c repair) so be sure to check out/catch up on our podcast Pod from a Chair — new episodes coming soon!

And if you want to stay extra cool, check out Obama’s new summer playlist... because we know we’ll never be as cool as him.

Here’s a favorite from his picks:

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