This week: WTF TV

It’s been too hot to think, too hot to write, too hot to… well OK it’s definitely not too hot to watch TV and scroll through social media. The Chair is taking the week off to cool down, but just had to share some recent TV trailers that have us feeling like..

ummm.. what?

First up is Q-Force — a new animated superhero show on Netflix, featuring… wait for it… “a team of LGBTQ superspies.” Produced by Will and Grace’s Sean Hayes, featuring a cast of actual gay folks (imagine that!), and a superhero named “Twink” — we’re not sure what to think…

Check it out for yourself:

And if that wasn’t enough, we also have this new offering from Apple TV+ — the all singing-all dancing musical bonanza known as Schmigadoon. Don’t get us wrong, we are here for Cecily Strong, underrated SNL goddess that she is… but this is just… beyond:

We have a feeling there is a follow up blog post to come covering both of these…. let’s just say… wildcards.


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