All Things SNL: Part 1

What is the longest running entertainment show on television?



You are correct if you guessed –


And you get bonus points if you knew off the top of your head that it’s been airing new episodes for…

46 YEARS!!!

Join the Chair, Holly and our special guest, Stephen Tropiano – author of the exhaustive, informative and intermittently snide Saturday Night Live FAQ, a look back on everything you know or don’t remember about one of the few classic TV series actually still airing new episodes. (Note:  Yes, Seinfeld, Frasier and The Carol Burnett Show have ceased filming for some time).

It’s a great book (Note: And I’m not just saying this because he’s my husband) and Stephen helps guide us through what has essentially become our pop culture history via one of the most popular and miraculously enduring shows on TV.

Click here for Part I

And stay tuned for Part II on Thursday.

Yes, this was so much fun to do that there is a Part II.

There will not, however, be a Part 46.

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