Passing Grade

As the spring semester concludes, The Chair is eyeball deep in reading his student’s final screenplays and TV pilots.  So in his temporary absence this week he suggests the coolest and gayest thing on the internet – Elton John and Olly Alexander (lead singer of the group, Years and Years) doing their remake of the classic Pet Shop Boys hit “It’s A Sin.”  

Alexander starred this year in Russell Davies’ insightful HBO Max five episode limited series, “It’s A Sin,” set at the height of the AIDS epidemic. That story chronicled four friends in what the Chair still considers the worst decade of the twentieth century – the 1980s. (Check out the Chair’s take here).

But this performance takes that eighties tune to a whole new post modern level and raises it to an ironic anthem of defiance.  Even better, all proceeds from this version will go to the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

It’s campy, ferocious and most importantly faaaaaabulous.

You’re welcome. A+ from the Chair.

Till next week…

2 thoughts on “Passing Grade

  1. Darling Steve-

    Cool and Gay indeed! I LOVED. LOVED this, but also thank you for the passing grade. I always got great grades, except for Algebra and Geometry both of which I flunked astronomically. The teachers of both those subjects knew how very hard I tried, and given how well I did in other subjects, finally gave me “D,” knowing I would NEVER, NEVER get that side of my brain to respond to that SHIT.

    After completing Goodman Theatre’s non-accredited program, I decided to get my Bachelor’s Degree from the respected theatre school at Loyola University’s uptown campus. Once auditioned and accepted, I woefully found out that there was a severe Math requirement to achieve my Loyola BFA degree.

    I transferred to De Paul, that let me take Philosophy instead of math and eventually graduated Suma Cum Lousy. J Just kidding. It was there that I performed in many productions, and because of my professional experience as a director/choreographer was asked to do the same for enormous university productions with full orchestra of Oliver!, Cabaret, Little Me, Man of la Mancha, and The Happy Time.

    Here’s the thing: no one stopped me, or my vision. I was free to make magic, and made lifelong friends. I am so grateful for those years that later informed my NYC performing, as well as my writing career to always make the bold choice. The final and most important question is always so, “What have you got to lose?”

    I know you feel the same. Your students are SO lucky to have you.

    Have a beautiful evening, my dear talented friend.



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