Thanks Science!

The Chair is taking this week off — mostly to grade scripts, have 10,000 Zoom meetings, and meditate on his overwhelming joy watching friends, family, and former students get vaccinnated.

So let’s all take a moment to say THANK YOU SCIENCE — thank you for the millions of hugs being shared, the laughs over dinner and drinks to be had (but eat outside because I said so), and the countless reunions with loved ones. Facebook (and social media) has become, even for a brief moment, a space of joy, where pictures with bandaids and thumbs up fill me up with hope and excitement. So again, THANKS SCIENCE…

and of course THANKS to Ms. Dolly Parton:

And THANKS to all of the doctors who have worked day and night for over a year (and they can write parody songs too? What can’t they do???):

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