Oscar Dish: Part 1

This week our podcast, POD FROM A CHAIR (Note: What else would we call it?)  tackles the just announced 2021 Oscar nominations. 

That means the Chair and Holly, our executive editor, break down the major category nominees and offer our predictions, preferences and, well,  general all around…dish.

… and it is a delicious dish. #wink

We also reflect on who was left out, Oscar wins and slights of the past AND the challenges of handing out awards for movies in a year when  we saw the overwhelming majority of FILMS on TV, Laptop, iPad and iPhone screens.

I know….

What we didn’t get to touch on is the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences announcement several days ago that there will be NO NOMINEES ZOOMING into the Academy Awards next month from ANY LOCATION.

That’s right, if you’re nominated you’d best find a way to show up live and in person because for the first time in 12 months your presence online does not count for anything (Note: YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!).


Never mind that those nominees will be seated socially distanced at Union Station  (yes, it’s a train station) in downtown Los Angeles to accept their awards.  It likely won’t look anything like the platforms on which we’ve all stood on when we’ve gone out to meet an Amtrak, subway, railroad or even Japanese bullet train in the past.

Instead it’ll be…um, okay, no one is quite sure yet.  This is reason alone to tune in Sunday, April 25th on ABC,  8pm EST and 5pm PST, and find out.

Now Boarding: Best Picture!

Speaking of tuning in, check out the first of our two pods here:

#1 covers supporting actor and actress as well as best original and adapted screenplay.

 #2, which will drop on Tuesday, focuses on best actor and actress, director and picture.

You can also find them and more on our brand new NEW INSTAGRAM PAGE

A LOT more to come, A LOT more to follow and, always, A TON more to comment on – so stay tuned.

And YES, there are certainly more important issues going on in the world than who will win the 2021 Oscars.   Which is precisely the reason to take some time out to discuss them.

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