In the Zone

The above is as close to a sports metaphor as the Chair will ever get and that’s not solely because of Super Bowl weekend.

Rather it’s because I’ve been thinking a lot about zones in this 323rd week of pandemic semi-quarantine.

Comfort zones.

This seems right

Confession: I have never been an entirely comfortable person inside even though I play one quite nicely on the outside.  Still, it’s hard over these months and months and months and months and MONTHS of stress and strain not to get a good sense of who and what makes you feel comfortable and, well, going for it.

Maybe it’s pizza, or lounging in bed all day doing _________________.

He said it, not me!

 It could be as simple as marathon-ing every episode of The Great British Bake-Off, as I’ve heard at least one person I know has been indulging in during the pandemic.  (Note: No, it is NOT me!).

Perhaps it’s even staying put for way too long in that one room of your house that’s become the defacto home office/hangout/pig sty for all things you during this time. The space you don’t clean because you know where everything is, can’t bear to leave and, yet, deep down, long to get away from since you know deep down it’s not good for you.


Yes, that was my mother and yours speaking the latter sentence and of course we’re NOT going to follow her advice.  Have we ever done so up to this point?

This is all to say that rather than yammer on and on and on and ON about it here, we’ve devoted the second episode ever of our new podcast, POD FROM A CHAIR, to what happens when you explore, indulge and break out of your zone of comfort.

Not so much in life but in your binging habits. 

Binging as in entertainment.

Because if you’re gonna attempt to change, it’s best to start small.

Trust me.

Baby steps

So grab some pizza, or pop corn, or, heck, run on the treadmill if you must (Note: Like that’s happening right now) and, as the Brits say, have a listen.

We tried VERY hard to make it feel comfortable in our new zone without, well, overdoing it.

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