Starting with Kindness

It’s the beginning of 2021 and the world is already a slightly happier place. That’s because this weekend saw the launch of Harry Styles’ new song and accompanying video, Treat People With Kindness.

Yes the happiness bar is low these days but stay with me on this.  It’s not only the emergence of some new Harry that we’re wild about (Note: See what I did there?).  It’s also the appearance of our favorite fleabag and writer supreme, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, as his co-star.

We will say no more except to note (see what I did again?) that the Chair will be spending this week contemplating all of the many new ways he can personally treat people with kindness in the coming weeks and months.  This will be especially challenging, perhaps near impossible during the next 17 days due to….
Um, no…..

There’s a video to watch again.  And again.  All week. Month.  And perhaps year.

Harry Styles – “Treat People with Kindness”

4 thoughts on “Starting with Kindness

  1. Wonderful start to the New Year!

  2. He’s just cute AF

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