Dazed Days

You know that feeling when you’re just… well… tired/exhausted/drained/over it/curled up in a ball/really over it? Well those feelings hit the Chair hard this week. Rest assured the Chair is sitting comfortably because, well, he’s the Chair after all. As we all take it one day at a time (while watching the fabulous new episodes of One Day At A Time, #suckitNetflix), here are some pop culture hits from the past week that can elevate whatever your mood is at the moment.

Feeling angry? Want to feel validated? Meet Angry Grandma. Viewed over 1 million times, this twitter post from actress Dana Berger (of Orange is the New Black fame) will almost make you long for a good ol’ fashioned rant from a family member — especially if it’s a rant you agree with!

Need a little boost? Not sure anything can bring you up? Try hard not to crack a smile during this utterly charming, unsurprisingly terrific rendition of “Smile” by our beloved Lady Gaga.  She literally took a sad song and made it better. #TrustinGaga

Feel like tears are trapped in your face, desperate for some relief? Probably best to let the flood gates open with something heartwarming instead of your preferred cable news network/daily dose of reality. Look no further than cast of Schitt’s Creek, as they read a heartfelt letter of gratitude from over 1,800 moms of LGBT kids. Keep the kleenex nearby for this one:

And when in doubt, you can always rely on the seemingly everlasting artistry of the Rolling Stones. Bet they never thought they’d play a successful zoom concert in their 70s, but, here we are:

The Chair will be back next week with more content and less exhaustion (LOL, not really) — and probably some judgement regarding the quality of talking heads Zoom/Skype/FaceTime backgrounds (and yes, there’s already a twitter account for that). And maybe, if we’re lucky Patti Lupone will take us for another tour of her basement by then.

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