The Musical Chair

To be fair to Beyonce and the #1 news story of last week —


Oh say can you ... sing?

Oh say can you… what now?

We will let the diva explain it all to you.  Short answer:  Beyonce was BOTH lip synching AND singing live at Pres. Obama’s inauguration. Any clearer? Let’s see here then…

Click for full video evidence!

Click for full video evidence!

Note:  We never, ever, ever thought Beyonce couldn’t sing a great version of the National Anthem.  But winning is all about live, in the moment, grace under pressure.  So — in terms of the decision, it’s still a TKO for Kelly Clarkson.

Sorry, B. But you do get points for coming forward.  Next stop – The Super Bowl.

One thought on “The Musical Chair

  1. Thanks a lot for taking time in order to publish “The Musical Chair | notes from a chair”.
    Thank you once again ,Liam

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