Sitting in for the Chair

Hi there Chair fans!

Our favorite blogger, Steve Ginsberg, knows a thing or two about having a hectic week. The kind of hectic that involves moving for the first time in 20 years, all the while reading and grading student screenplays. Not to mention this week’s devastating blow on American Idol…

Yes, Durbs, we will still love you tomorrow… and forever after that.


Anyway, check back next week for some fresh insights from The Chair. Go see Bridesmaids. Spend the weekend brainstorming plotlines for Ashton on Two and a Half Men (I’m calling love-child son of Sheen… anyone?). Get some fresh air. Keep on keepin’ on.

In the meantime, check out an inspired blogpost from one of The Chair’s former pupils. A great piece on Osama bin Laden and American exceptionalism:


One thought on “Sitting in for the Chair

  1. Hope the move goes well and you get settled into your hip new pad for next week’s blog!

    Checked out Dion Rabouin’s post. Nice of you to give his work a nod! I’m sure he appreciates the extra interest.

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